Adults Artistic Roller Skating Online Classes

Are you an Adult Skater wanting to give Artistic Roller Skating a go? This class is for you! 
Learn how to jump, spin, turn and more all from the comfort of your own home! 
This class often attracts skaters from around the world, so it is one you won’t want to miss out!

$10.00 NZD

Equipment Required:
– Your own pair of Roller Skates
– A Drink Bottle
– A flat surface (kitchen, lounge room, local skate park) to skate on

Beginner Class

– Waltz 
– Toeloop
– Salchow
– Inside Backward Upright
– Inside Forward Upright
– Start Two-foot Turns
– Start One-foot turns

Intermediate Class

– Flip
– Loop
– Thoren
– Outside Backward Upright
– Outside Forward Upright
– Continue Two-foot Turns
– Continue One-foot turns!