One Foot Turns

A collection of information and diagrams to explain the six one foot turns in roller skating.


Loops In the last installment of this one-foot turn series we are going to cover the loop, a miscellaneous one-foot turn that alike the traveling has it’s very own set of rules What is a Loop? Loops are a bit of an anomaly in the world of roller skating as there isn’t much literature that …

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Travelings Today we are going to cover one of the miscellaneous one-foot turns – the traveling. It falls into the miscellaneous category because it along with the loop (the topic of our next blog) does not fit into either the same rotation cusp category (like three’s and rockers) or the counter rotation cusp category (like …

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One Foot Turns

Intro to One-Foot Turns: One-Foot turns are ‘all the technical difficulties [travelings, three turns, brackets, loops, counters and rockers] … that involve a change of direction on the same foot’ (World Skate, 2019a). I believe that there are 4 main aspects of a one-foot turn, which help us identify their similarities and differences Change of …

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