Two Foot Turns


Choctaws Today we are going to dissect the choctaw two-foot turn. Choctaws:– Uses both feet to change direction (Forwards to backwards or backwards to forwards)– Incorporate a change of edge (Inside to outside or outside to inside)– Have no overall change of trajectory (see Two-foot turns post for more info) All this being said, like …

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Mohawks Today we delve into the world of Mohawks, admittedly a topic I was initially not very well versed on. However, after a few days of internet research fueled by my severe caffeine addiction and motivated by a restless newborn who refused to sleep through the night, I present to you my guide to Mohawks …

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Two-Foot Turns

Intro to Two-Foot Turns: After my first series of skating skills posts that compared the similarities and differences of one-foot turns, it seemed only natural to now address two-foot turns. There are less of these two-foot turns, with only two types of turns referred to as “Mohawks” and “Choctaws” comprising this category. However, they still …

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